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Growth Strategies for Business - Increasing the Value of your Business

Celebrating Small Business Week!!

Rural Action Centre – Alberton invites you to join Ron Robichaud of C & R Care & Consulting Ltd.

as he facilitates a session entitled –

Growth Strategies for Business – Increasing the Value of your Business.

This Free session will be held Tuesday, October 22nd at 455 Main Street – Alberton.  9am to 12noon.

 Most entrepreneurs we meet are interested in growing their business and eventually selling it.

It sounds easy but in practice this can be a very difficult thing to achieve. In this workshop participants will get hands-on-experience

with easy to understand processes that can be used to plan for and achieve sustained growth.

Growth Strategies:

Understanding the 4 types of Growth Strategies available to any business

  1. How to identify opportunities to grow your business by:
    1. Increasing sales of current products/services
    2. Launching a new product or service
    3. Selling into new markets
  2. How to test new ideas without blowing your budget

Increasing the value of your business:

 The valuation framework

  1. What do investors look for in a business?
  2. What are the value drivers of a business?
  3. Valuation/Pricing techniques used in Atlantic Canada
    1. Fair market value
    2. Internal Rate of Return
    3. Multiple Earnings (Rating scale)
    4. Other valuation methods
  4. Understanding what is normalization of financial statement
  5. Process to improve the value of your business
  6. The importance of profits
  7. Key things that any entrepreneur should keep an eye on in their business

Limited Seating.

To register, please contact Barb at 902-853-3616 or barb.macdonald@cbdc.ca.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Toll Free: 1.855.297.9898